Success Stories

I used to think medicine's cure us, but now after this course I have realised the truth i.e. lifestyle is the only key to all our problems. Entire team Medicine Free Life has given us the confidence to live healthy lifestyle. Hope we change the world for better.
Vishal Chordia
Suhana- Pravin Masale
"As Dr. Pravin knows body anatomy and farming both things very well he really can connect the dots. He explained everything very scientifically and in layman's language. I have stopped my medicines completely for Hyperthyroid & Hypertension. And now i feel energetic and lot younger. "
Jitendra Mehta
Director, Bs homestore
Many doctors today are busy treating the disease rather than making ine disease free or making the patient healthy. Ever since the course have been encouraging and advocating the "Medicine Free Lifestyle" which has made many of my patients very happy & thankful. They have appeariciated my advice to them, which they have found to make great difference in their health.
Dr Swati Singh
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