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Let food be your medicine or else medicine and become your food. If you already belive in this proverb this is the perfect place for you , where you’ll learn about the way your body functions and can help you make much more conscious & healthy choices for yourselves and families.

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At a time when there is an increasing dependency on extensive and expensive investigative tests and use of medicines for treating even small ailment, the idea of a Medicine-free Life may sound far-fetched and even hard to believe.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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Success Stories

I used to think medicine's cure us, but now after this course I have realised the truth i.e. lifestyle is the only key to all our problems.
Entire team Medicine Free Life has given us the confidence to live healthy lifestyle. Hope we change the world for better.

Vishal Chordia

Suhana- Pravin Masale

"As Dr. Pravin knows body anatomy and farming both things very well he really can connect the dots. He explained everything very scientifically and in layman's language.
I have stopped my medicines completely for Hyperthyroid & Hypertension. And now i feel energetic and lot younger. "

Jitendra Mehta

Director, Bs homestore

Many doctors today are busy treating the disease rather than making in disease free or making the patient healthy.
Ever since the course have been encouraging and advocating the "Medicine Free Lifestyle" which has made many of my patients very happy & thankful.
They have appreciated my advice to them, which they have found to make great difference in their health.

Dr Swati Singh


Coming to Eco-Serene Village was one of the best experiences of my life. I had planned to come here for 4 days but I stayed for 8 days. Here I met many new people. I also gathered so much knowledge about my body that now I don't need to go to any doctor. This knowledge and the science of the body that Dr. Pravin Chordia has taught me will always be a part of me and be helpful to me throughout my life. I have wasted so much money, time and energy on junk food. But the lifestyle that Dr. Chordia has now taught me will keep me medicine free, disease free and stress free.

Akshay Shah


"Excellent output. Must for everyone who is thinking of maintaining good health for himself and for all near and dear ones. I experienced a paradigm shift in my thinking about modern medicine. I was suffering from Gout and Uric Acid problems which got completely cured."

Prashant Shilotri

"I have stopped medicines for Diabetes omy eally since 1st Oct' 2015. After 4 months because of family pressure I did a check up, and yes - I am completely free from Diabetes and from medicines. And the credit for this completely goes to Dr. Pravin Chordia.

Chandrashekhar Laghate


"I had a tendency for corn (or clavus). Removed it at least 3 to 4 times with small operations. But it used to come back again. But because of ' Medicine Free Life' it was completely cured. My spectacles' number was also reduced after the course."

Mayur Sancheti Builder


"I was prescribed 4 drugs on regular basis like Gemer 1 mg and Cardace 2.5 / 5 in the morning and Nebistar 5mg and Ecosprin 75 at night. Since 7th March, after coming from" Medicine Free Life 'course, i am totally medicine free from all drugs as i am following proper lifestyle as directed by Dr. Pravin Chordia. I am very thankful to him and his team for this noble cause. Now my sugar is 107 without taking Gemer. Previously it was 140 to 160 with medication. I have had a weight loss of 8 kgs and my waist has reduced by 4 inches in 60 days. I am feeling very energized and healthy. "

Lalit Bafna Builder



Absolutely anyone who wishes to live a truly happy & healthy life.

All age group right from infants to senior citizens.

We encourage you to stop taking all your medications after studying your files / reports only.

Yes you can provided you follow this lifestyle 100%.

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