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FAQs regarding your Medicine Free Life (MFL) Course

It is a three day fully residential experiential workshop. The three-day program is intended to help participants experience a lifestyle that promotes and sustains good health and vitality. During the course, participants are encouraged to learn, explore, and understand the theoretical and scientific principles on which the program is based.

The Course was created in 2014 by a well know Surgeon of Pune, Dr. Pravin Chordia, MS, with more than 35 years of surgical experience. Since then, over 4,000 people from all over the world have completed the course and have had amazing personal experiences with respect to their health and wellbeing.

A lot can be read on our website or googled with key words such as ‘keto’ diet

It is not a pathy or a new science. It can best be described as ancient and time-tested wisdom explained simply yet scientifically, demonstrated live and most importantly experienced by each participant over the duration of the course.

This program is designed to be suitable and safe for all. Past participants have been people ranging from 15 years up to 90 years of age. The course has had patients of all kinds suffering from single to multiple diseases, mild to very serious, acute to chronic including cancer, chronic renal failures, migraines, and auto-immune diseases. However, it is possible that the infrastructure/facilities at the venue may be unsuitable or inconvenient for people who are physically incapacitated or debilitated. In such cases, please call back.

No preparation is required to attend the course. We expect that those who choose to come makes up their mind with a firm commitment to help themselves, to create a sustainable healthy life not dependent on medicines.

Since most of the lifestyle diseases have a multifactorial causation and develop over a long period of time, the tenets of this course, once understood, and followed correctly, should help in prevention as well as in reversing progression of most disease conditions.  That has been the feedback received by us from many past participants.  

Yes, it certainly can. Upon arrival, you will have opportunity to consult with our qualified doctors. We believe that the choice to take medicines will always be yours. However, please note that our endeavour in these three days will always be to help you live a life free of medicines by helping you make informed choices.

The Serene Eco-village is a 100-acre unpolluted and pristine forest farm set on the scenic bank of river Gunjawani overlooking the Gunjawani Dam. Apart from its location (about 65 km from Pune) and its unpolluted ecosystem, Serene is also home to a young community. You will get opportunity to interact with members of our community of strong, independent and creative people who understand the value of living vigorous and fulfilling lives in harmony with nature. What better location can there be to explore the ways nature can help rebuild healthier, stronger and more joyful lives than at Serene Eco-Village?

Yes, there are hundreds of graduates of the course who could share with you their experience and how it continues to change their lives. Some testimonials can be watched on youtube or at Contact the MFL Team for a reference you could access.

We have found that when a participant is embedded in the course environment for a period of minimum three days, in addition to understanding intellectually, they also experience a fundamental shift in their perspectives on health and wellbeing. Attending for one or two days is neither effective nor is it allowed.

These three days have been carefully designed to have a balance between theoretical explanations, outdoor activities, meditation, exercises, organic food preparation and menu discussions, rest, bon fires, relaxation, deep conversations that matter to each of us and much more. In short, it is a wholistic experience that a participant goes through rather than a ‘Gyan’ or lecture by an expert.

Usually, our course runs on the fourth Friday/Saturday/Sunday of every month. Please visit to confirm before booking

Yes, they are allowed. However, our effort is to create an environment that is conducive for a change of lifestyle out of a heightened state of awareness. Therefore, we encourage participants not to indulge in activities that constitute their “normal” day/lifestyle. Most graduates of the course share that their experience of the course was heightened because they resisted the temptation to the usual dose of the digital world over the three days. Be prepared to go slow.


None of these activities are allowed. However, compulsive smokers may smoke outside the main campus in designated locations only.

Our belief is that food is our medicine. So, our attempt is to offer our participants a taste of truly healthful diets. Using organic ingredients, often grown at Serene, the meals are meant to be a sample for our participants to show how food can be as nutritious as it can be flavourful.

 The menu for every meal has been designed for taste, variety and health and most graduates of the MFL course have routinely given rave reviews about our food during the course.

The new applicant is expected to fill the google registration form.

If there are any further queries regarding the course, then they can contact any of the given numbers in the registration form.

The participant is expected to do the payment on the QR code given in the form. Registration fees are as follows:

8000/- per person which includes learning material, food and dormitory accommodation. 

(Private rooms too are available with an additional cost of 3000/- per room for 3 nights

Private deluxe rooms too are available with an additional cost of 10,000/- per room for 3 nights) 

*40% discount for age 5 to 12 years*

*30% discount for age 12-21 years*

Once the payment is done, the participant is expected to share the screen shot to Aditi Wagh on 9657614447 post which his/her application will be taken into consideration.

MFL team will give confirmation to the participants 2 weeks prior to the course.


FAQs regarding MFL@Serene Eco Village (Post-Registration)

A google map will be sent to you. You can also follow the link here

Serene Eco Village, At post Dhanep opposite Gunjawni dam, Velhe taluka, Dhanep, Maharashtra 412212

Surely be our guest. However, do call in advance.

Expect anywhere between 25 to 40 participants of all age groups.


Qualified Doctors with first aid will be available all through the program for help and emergencies. For any major eventuality, Pune is just about an hour’s drive away.

Yes. Our accommodation and facilities can be described as clean, essential and modest. It is not a resort. Any special customised needs are difficult to meet.

Yes surely. Please call Dipika Chordia on 9373569358 or Rajinder Raina on 9822068382 for details.

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