MFL For All

This workshop evolved over many years of exploration and research by a well know Surgeon of Pune, Dr. Pravin Chordia, MBBS, MS.

It is a three day fully residential experiential workshop conducted at Serene Eco village near Pune, India. The three-day workshop is intended to help participants experience a lifestyle that promotes and sustains good health and vitality. During the course, participants are encouraged to learn, explore, and understand the theoretical and scientific principles on which the program is based. This workshop also provides an opportunity to learn tips and imbibe a healthy lifestyle change after returning back.

Medicine free life is not a pathy or a new science. It can best be described as ancient and time-tested wisdom explained simply yet scientifically, demonstrated live and most importantly experienced by each participant over the duration of the workshop.

Since most of the lifestyle diseases have a multifactorial causation and develop over a long period of time the tenets of this course, once understood, and followed correctly, should help in prevention as well as in reversing progression of most disease conditions. That has been the feedback received by us from many past participants.

Course Info

Duration – 3 days ( Thursday 04.00 pm – Sunday 04.30 pm )
Venue – Serene Eco village, Dhanep, Taluka Velhe, Google Map

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