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Just like the name suggest this is 4 day residential course attempts to make your life truly & completely medicine free !
Founder Dr pravin chordia who used to practice surgery in allopathic medicine himself talks about how medicines can only buy you time, not health !
In order to be healthy you must have the ANSWER in your lives to know what makes you truly worthy, wholly and completely healthy at all stages in your lives.

Life without medicines is just not a concept but a proven health empowerment program.
What began as a self prescribed & practiced lifestyle for Dr. Chordia ( Mbbs, m.s.) and his family is now proven succesful lifestyle correction course.
Medicine Free Life is not a pathy of medicine. It is an easy to understand, follow & implement lifestyle based upon the six vital elements of life made available to us by nature.

A – Pure & Fresh Air
N – Nutrition from organic whole food.
S – Sunlight
W – Alkaline / Natural water
E – Exercise & Entertainment
R – Rest & Relaxation

The program has been carefully designed not to overwhelm the participants.
It has an easy pace and is very engaging and relaxing for all age groups.
It has the right balance of classroom sessions, outdoor activities, fun and learning.
The participants come in as a strangers and at the end of 4 highly interactive days leave as one big Medicine Free Life family with lot of Cherished memories.
Most participants find the program life transforming & highly useful.

Dr Chordia’s immical style of explaining the most difficult medical terms through similes, satire, layman stories and jokes makes every lecture of his a memorable and enjoyable one.
A farmer and a PhD participant listening to him in the same classroom can relate and understand what is being said with the same ease & clarity.
That is how well versed and deep Dr Chordia’s hold on the subject is.

• Learn about the way your body functions.
•Make conscious & healthy choices for you & your family.
• Be better informed, make logical decisions.

Course Info

Duration – 4 days ( Thursday 08.00 am – Saturday 04.30 pm )
Venue – Serene Eco village

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